Milwaukee: hankr highlights SafeHouse

She draws her hand to her ear, “Just whisper the password.”

I hadn’t prepared for this. I was so focused on the food that I was about to enjoy, I hadn’t even thought of what it would take to get to it.

As a spy, the gatekeeper of the SafeHouse needed my password so I could find recluse in the meal that was almost upon me. But I didn’t know the password! And you might not either when you arrive to accept your mission. So what is a spy to do??

Well, after I let down my pride and admitted my lack of secret passage phrases, the agent assigning missions let me through only if I did a simple task. Simple, however not the most flattering…

So I hopped around like a bunny, hands in the form of twitching rabbit ears and behind shaking like a happy cottontail in a forest for ten seconds.

Miraculously, when my little dance was done, a wall shuddered open and led to a dark corridor that guided me to the restaurant itself. It was vibrant and busy for a Friday lunch time and the bar and seats were full.

Having just celebrated their 50th anniversary, it’s safe to say that Milwaukee has taken extra notice of the experience and eats at SafeHouse, and rightly so. A few years back, SafeHouse was especially known for its spy-themed experience, encouraging guests to immerse themselves in the world of undercover agents and secret missions. While this is still the case, SafeHouse is now gaining attention for their amazing quality of dishes as well!

Sitting down with Christine Williams, Marcus Restaurant Group’s Senior Director of Marketing & E-Commerce, and her intern, Lauryn, they described how SafeHouse made it its mission to revamp their menu and create meals that exceeded expectations and matched the thrill of the experience. 

From the hosts, to the servers, to Christine and Lauryn, the excitement and passion of the entire SafeHouse team was palpable. They embody the life of spies and talk in code names, assign interactive missions and present food as if it’s all part your role as an agent hiding in the SafeHouse. Which you are.

Right off the bat, I had my scope set on the Spy Burger. A straightforward, signature SafeHouse dish seemed like an appropriate way to start. The all-beef burger was topped crisp tomato and lettuce and completed with melted cheese and a freshly-baked bun. Heaven in a bite is what it is.

I barely had time to savor my bite before the C4 Cheese Curds caught my eye. Described as mini explosives, these Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds are fried to perfection and detonate with flavor the second they hit your tongue. If you go back out into enemy territory without trying the cheese curds, you’re doing the SafeHouse wrong.

We also wanted to taste the spicy spin on SafeHouse’s Cheese Macaroni. Prefaced with “License to Kill” for the title, this macaroni was to die for. I’m not one to be all in on spice, but I have to say that SafeHouse did it just right with this one. Enough spice to enhance flavor and make the macaroni unique, but not too much to deter me from my mission.

Finally, I was very excited that we were going to try a Limited Time Spy-cial. The Bourne Identity Salad was perfect for a mid-October day. Spinach, goat cheese, sweet potato, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, granny smith apples and hard boiled eggs dressed with a warm bacon vin epitomized autumn. If Fall was a salad, it would be this one.

I encourage you all to accept this mission. It may just be one of the greatest ones you accomplish.


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