Milwaukee: hankr's top-10 dishes from September

Happy October hankr-ers! Before we fully embrace this fall-pumpkin-Halloween-filled month, let’s hold onto that warm, late summer breeze and look back at the favorites of September!

10. Pink Cadillac Maki - Izumi's

You got salmon on the inside, salmon and top and avocado in every bite! What could be better? Apparently not much as you've made this dish one of  the top ten in September. It's both light AND delicious so we definitely concur with its award! 

9. Ahi Tuna Carpaccio - Seven Seas

Some more seafood reaching the top! We like your style, hankr fam. Seven Seas's Ahi Tuna is perfectly paired with pickled red onion, crostini, capers, garlic vinaigrette, lime and sea salt! Talk about flavor. The next appropriate meal time can't come soon enough! 

8. Mushroom, Bacon, Swiss Burger - Osgood's

Osgood's does a perfect pretzel bun filled with the incredible combination of burger, bacon, swiss and sautéed mushroom. Excuse us while we're drooling over this September favorite...

7. Breakfast Burrito - Café Benelux

This looks almost too perfect to eat! Okay, FINE, we'll do it. Twist our arm why don't ya. For the sake of being able to express just how good this burrito is, we humbly took a taste. This straight forward combination of scrambled eggs, chorizo, Monterey Jack, Sriracha sour cream and pico de gallo definitely makes a breakfast for champions!

6. Lobster Roll – Pier 106

Channel the East Coast accent that we know is in all of you when ordering this LobstAH Roll from Pier 106. A rich and tangy lobster salad with tarragon aioli nestled into the most delicious classic New England bun. Mmmmm. How do you like ‘dem apples? 

5. The Farmhouse Omelet – Café at the Pfister

Few things are better than a savory breakfast. And Café at the Pfister does this perfectly! Their omelet is generously stuffed with wood smoked bacon, sugar cured ham, breakfast sausage, onions and aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese. They complement this deliciousness with their fresh toast and hash browns. Breakfast can’t come soon enough! 

4. Sushi Roll – Metcalfe’s Market

Metcalfe’s is a fourth-generation, family owned and operated neighborhood market overflowing with good things to eat! They have two locations in Madison and one in Wauwatosa that have an abundance of locally sourced food to satisfy your every hankr-ing. Aaaaand they have a sushi bar. Metcalfe’s has sushi rolls available everday where you’ll find options ranging from California Rolls, Sriracha Party Rolls, Veggie Rolls, Philadelphia Rolls, and that’s just the tip of the sushi iceberg!

3. Buttermilk Fried Chicken Waffle – Café Benelux

Café Benelux has a got a good thing going with their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Waffle. This dish continually is a top viewed item every month! And it’s not hard to see why. Benelux adds a twist to this dish by complementing the classic Chicken and Waffles with candied walnuts to enhance the sweet maple syrup. Make this a sweet start to your day. Or end to it for that matter! 

2. Wisconsin Fish Fry – Miller Time Pub & Grill

Fish fries FTW! Well, almost win. Coming in at a close second, Miller Time Pub’s Wisconsin Fish Fry satisfies viewers and tasters alike with Miller beer battered and fried haddock served with roasted poblano tartar, three-cabbage coleslaw, potato pancakes, and applesauce. We don’t recommend waiting until Friday for this one!

1. Asian Bar – Metcalfe’s Market

They have sushi, they have a deli, they have a fish fry, what else could Metcalfe’s possibly offer?? How about an Asian Bar! You hankr-ers have done it again. You feast your eyes on amazing dishes day in and day out that the amazing hankr restaurants deliver and head over to experience them yourself! For September the dish that drew most of your hungry stares is the Asian Bar from Meltcalfe’s. And did you know they have a special on Mondays for this mouth-watering dish? That’s right. On Mondays you can get your fill of noodles, rice, stir fried veggies, meats, sauces, egg rolls and more for an especially price! 

Whew. That was exciting. Are you excited? We’re excited. Our team at hankr along with our restaurant partners have been working hard to get the most delectable dishes in front of your eyes and into your stomachs. And your new discoveries and favorites using hankr make us happy to no end! The fact that hankr-ers have embraced Milwaukee and Madison and recognized them as the food meccas that they are is especially exciting. We can’t wait to see your favorites for October! 

While you're busy hankr-ing, check out our Madison top favorites for September! It was great to see our second home town really take off this past month.