Madison: hankr highlights The Brass Ring

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From the mouthwatering food, to the nine-foot billiard tables, The Brass Ring is "uniquely Madison".

It's a fun place to grab a tasty bite to eat, brush up on your pool skills and let your competitive side shine (whether you’re a newbie when it comes to pool and listen hopefully as the experts give you advice, like me, or a seasoned expert, unlike me).

Pool not your thing? Have no fear, they’ve got shuffleboard and dartboards if that’s more your speed.

Prefer competitive eating versus competing for the bullseye on the dartboard? Or, more into savoring every bite in a stress-free, non-competitive state? No worries. That’s how I spent my latest visit to The Brass Ring and it was equally as awesome as sinking that last striped billiard ball into the pool table’s pocket.  

Black and Bleu Caesar Salad

Just as The Brass Ring isn’t your traditional eatery, the Black and Bleu Caesar Salad isn’t your traditional Caesar Salad. They pile the Black and Bleu Caesar Salad high with a total of nine toppings. That's right, NINE. Because you truly can have it all. It’s topped with sirloin steak grilled with a Cajun glaze and served on a bed of romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing. Bleu cheese crumbles, parmesan cheese, crumbled bacon, sliced cherry tomatoes and croutons are then sprinkled over the salad. Yes plz.

With a piece of steak, a leaf of lettuce, a crumble of Bleu cheese, a slice of cherry tomato, a crumble of bacon and a crouton all piled on my fork, I achieved the coveted *perfect bite*.

The Reuben Sandwich

The Brass Ring not only knows how to craft a killer salad, they ace their Reuben game as well. The Reuben Sandwich snagged our number two spot in October’s top-10 list - which is no surprise. Who wouldn’t love a Reuben with such a generous portion of tender corned beef and all the traditional toppings, like melted gooey Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut and creamy Russian dressing.

Next time you’re hankr-ing for a salad that will blow your socks off, in the mood for a hearty Reuben, or want to get your game on, The Brass Ring may be your new place to go.

Ps... Here are some more drool worthy dishes from the Brass Ring that, unfortunately, I was too full to try (😰 ). Check 'em out! 

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