Madison: hankr's top-10 dishes from November

Check out hankr's most clicked and picked dish list from November, where we're drooling over some new talent as well as a couple of top-10 list regulars. Scroll on, hungry hankr-er!

10. Sushi Rolls - Metcalfe’s Market

Looking for a quick, easy, yet incredibly tasty meal? Look no further. Metcalfe’s offers a wide array of freshly rolled sushi selections, ranging from the more traditional California Roll, to the adventurous Sriracha Party Roll (which happens to be our go-to).

9. Irish Nachos - The Brass Ring

What makes nachos Irish, you ask? The crispy golden fried potato chips these traditional nacho toppings call home to! The Irish Nachos at The Brass Ring don all of the tasty toppings we look for in nachos, like melted shredded cheddar and pepperjack cheese, diced tomatoes, red onions and black olives. Make sure to dip each bite into the sour cream and housemade salsa sides to get the full effect!

8. Armadillo Burger - North and South Seafood & Smokehouse

The Armadillo Burger is no ordinary burger. This epic concoction is paired with North and South Seafood & Smokehouse’s special Armadillo eggs, which are jalapeño halves stuffed with cheddar, cream cheese and green onions, wrapped in bacon and smoked. So, yes, true love does exist. Cajun ranch and a special tangy BBQ sauce top this burger, making it an altogether unforgettable experience.

7. Farro Porridge Bowl - Black Locust Cafe

The Farro Porridge Bowl is just the right energizing breakfast to help you get a jump start on your day. This savory, yet healthy, dish includes farro porridge, mushrooms, roasted squash, apple, hickory nut and fried egg.

6. Curd Burger - Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub

Just when you thought a burger with a side of curds is as good as it gets, Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub throws you a curveball with their Curd Burger. That’s right, Curd Burger. Topped with white and yellow cheese curds, onion strings, and a special sauce made with their Witty beer, this burger has it all. Oh, did we mention all of this goodness is sandwiched in between a toasted onion bun? You’re welcome.

5. Buffalo Cheese Curds - O.S.S.

These freshly-battered cheese curds, sourced from Silver Lewis Cheese Factory in Monticello, Wisconsin, are not to be missed. We didn't think cheese curds could get any better - until we had them with tangy buffalo sauce and smoked blue cheese. Shoutout to O.S.S. for opening our eyes to a whole new world of possibilities!

4. Wisconsin Scotch Eggs - Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub

We recommend making the Wisconsin Scotch Egg appetizer a high priority next time you visit Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub. This crunchy, tangy, savory app comes with two hard cooked eggs wrapped in bratwurst, then panko breaded and deep fried. Add in a drizzle of Sprecher mustard and house sauerkraut and you’re golden.

3. Chipotle Fish Tacos - North and South Seafood and Smokehouse

Can we taco’bout how delicious the Chipotle Fish Tacos at North and South Seafood & Smokehouse taste? This taco trio is served with chipotle-seasoned tilapia, chipotle sour cream, jalapeño vinegar slaw, and mango salsa, tortilla chips and housemade salsa. The mango salsa and the jalapeño vinegar slaw complement the chipotle-seasoned tilapia wonderfully! Corn tortillas are also available upon request.

2. The Cu-Bing Sandwich - Black Locust Cafe

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 9.15.00 AM.png

The Cu-Bing Sandwich from Black Locust Cafe hails from hankr’s “Out of the Ordinary” category. Rightfully so, considering it’s directly inspired by China’s popular street crepe breakfast. The Cu-Bing is served with roasted pork, smoked ham, swiss, dijonnaise, pickles and pork cracklings.

1. Cheese Curds - Jacs Dining and Taphouse

Jacs Dining and Taphouse’s cheese curds have remained the reigning champs for the past two months and we can’t say we’re surprised. Just looking at these crispy, gooey curds makes our stomachs grumble with excitement. Jacs gives their dinners the option to add a twist to their curds with a sauce trio, which includes cranberry, sage and hot aioli. As self titled curd connoisseurs, we recommend trying the sauce trio - everything is better with aioli.

Well done hankr-users. You've - yet again - curated a list that's left us with a puddle of drool on our keyboards. 

Until next time, stay hungry!

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