88Nine Radio Milwaukee's SoundBites 2016 Recap: Sights and Sounds (with photos)

Comforting. Creative. Spicy. EPIC. Thanks to a baker's dozen of talented chefs, if the food at the 88Nine SoundBites 2016 event at Milwaukee's Iron Horse Hotel lived in hankr on a daily basis, it would cover all the moods. And thanks to a wise set of musicologists, there'd be a soundtrack for it all, too. In short, this event was best described as:

One of 88Nine's missions is to help people find new music, and one of hankr's missions is to help people find new food. The team from hankr was there for it all, getting photos and uploading them to the app on the spot, everything from the Cheetos Polenta to the dessert "Poutine", and giving attendees and anyone following along from home the chance to truly experience the food and music pairings that make this a one-of-a-kind event.

hankr was excited to work with each of the 88Nine DJs and music contributors to record exclusive audio segments sharing their stories behind the music they selected to pair with each chef's dish. You can listen to them all below...

So, in case you missed it, here's a full summary of the sounds, and the bites, from SoundBites. Our thanks go out to the great, great people at 88Nine for a delicious, musical and fun evening - but more importantly, for all you do to support the community hankr also calls "home".

SoundBites 2016 Food and Music Pairings

Sound: Seventeen by Sjowgren, as chosen by Scott Starr, Guest Musicologist, local musician
Bite: Cheetos Polenta with crispy gaunciale and hemp hearts, as prepared by Rebecca Berkshire, Head Chef at Balzac Wine Bar


Sound: Sapokanikan by Joanna Newsom, as chosen by Makenzie Boetcher, 88Nine On-Air Host
Bite: Honey-Soy Roasted Winter Squash on a sesame cracker with red pepper jam, as prepared by David Swanson, Chef/Owner, Braise


Sound: Bad Blood by NAO, as chosen by Tarik Moody, 88Nine On-Air Host
Bite: Fried Pig's Tail Bibimbap with with Paechu Kimchi, Jasmine Rice Cake, Gochujang, Sunny Side Quail Egg, as prepared by Rosalin Rodriguez, Executive Chef, Company Brewing


Sound: Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba, as chosen by Marcus Doucette, 88Nine On-Air Host
Bite: South African Curry Chicken (mild curry, cumin, caramelized dates and raisins, sweet mild peppers) with yellow coconut rice, as prepared by Yollande Deacon, Chef/Owner, Irie Zulu


Sound: Champions of Red Wine by The New Pornographers, as chosen by Ken Sumka, 88Nine On-Air Host
Bite: Espresso Mushroom and Smoked Mozzarella Caprese, as prepared by Darin Yenter, Executive Chef, Juniper 61


Sound: Going Home by Miles Davis & Michel LeGrand, as chosen by Sarah Fierek
Bite: Escargots avec Lentilles du Puy (petit Gris snails cooked in garlic with braised French green lentils, red wine syrup and herbs), as prepared by Adam Siegel, Executive Chef, Lake Park Bistro


Sound: Sugar by IshDARR, as chosen by Kenny Perez, 88Nine On-Air Host
Bite: Key Lime Gooey Butter Cake with with coconut meringue, blackberry, and key lime custard, as prepared by Andrew Miller, Chef/Owner, Merriment Social


Sound: Lovely Day by Bill Withers, as chosen by Dori Zori, 88Nine On-Air Host
Bite: Merguez Sausage Lollipops with Cinnamon~Chocolate BBQ Sauce, Carrot Chips and Honey Powder, as prepared by Kevin Sloan, Executive Chef, The Pabst Theater Group


Sound: Diane (1964) by The Bachelors, as chosen by Nate Imig, 88Nine On-Air Host
Bite: Braised beef short rib with with caramelized onion mashed potato and mushroom diane sauce, as prepared by Erik Malmstadt, Executive Chef, Parkside 23


Sound: White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes, as chosen by Amelinda Burich, 88Nine Digital Content Coordinator
Bite: Rabbit Meatball with Sauce Romeso, Laclare Evalon, Charred Green Onion, as prepared by Suzy Crofton, Executive Culinary Director, Smyth Restaurant


Sound: Mellow Out by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats, as chosen by Jordan Lee, 88Nine Program Director and On-Air Host
Bite: Turkey Confit Terrine with Chilled Lettuces, Crunchy Cracklins; Roasted Grape "Pop Rock" Gastrique, and Buttermilk Snow, as prepared by Joe Muench, Executive Chef, Story Hill BKC


Sound: Cowards Starve by Protomartyr, as chosen by Justin Barney, 88Nine On-Air Host
Bite: Kimchi Poke, Spicy Egg Yolk, Potato chip, as prepared by Shay Linkus, Executive Chef, Vanguard


Sound: Gabriel Prokofiev's Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra by Mvt. V: Allegro Gavotte (Snow Time), as chosen by Erin Woehlke, Guest Musicologist, Present Music
Bites: "Meatballs" (Chocolate Doughnut Holes with Red Wine Raspberry Sauce & shredded coconut), "Eggs and Toast" (Lemon Custard, Lemon Curd, Fennel Seed Cake), "Charcuterie" (Chocolate Salami, Olive Oil Shortbread Cookies, Citrus Marmalade), "Baking" (Coconut Snow "Flour", Ginger Cheesecake "Butter", Sake Pudding & Lemon Curd "Egg") and "Poutine" (Pie Crust Fries, Beer Caramel Sauce "Gravy", Salted Caramel Marshmallow "Curds", Beer Candied Bacon), as prepared by Chelsea Rolander, Pastry Chef, and Chad Meier, Chef/Owner, Meraki