Restaurants, diners, journalists agree: hankr is good

You could have a good idea about anything - heck, you could have the best idea about something - and there's still something powerful and validating about someone else saying back to you, "Hey, that's a really good idea!"

In the case of hankr, our confidence in the idea was certainly strong. We knew it could help restaurants find new customers that would love their food, and we knew it could help diners find new restaurants serving food they'd love. But to hear from those people that we wanted to help and have them love us right back is just awesome.

In a really creatively-produced feature on Fox 6 by Brian Kramp that aired recently, viewers got to see hankr in action and hear from folks at restaurants that jumped aboard our bandwagon early on talk about the difference hankr makes for them. We especially loved how Brian and his team used some nice camera work and a GoPro to illustrate the point that we photograph food just as it will be served. You can watch the video here, and some of our favorite comments were:

"I think the cool thing about hankr is just opening people up to the variety that a restaurant's menu has." - Dan Herwig, Lowlands Group

"When they see the items online and say, 'Oh, I've gotta try that,' that's what's bringing them in the door." - Mark Zierath, Owner, Jackson's Blue Ribbon Pub

"It's actually pretty user-friendly! I'm a little more old school, but I even showed today that I downloaded the app. It's a cool thing." - Corporate Chef Chef Adam Siegel, Bartolotta Restaurants

 Click to go to the Fox 6 site and view the feature about hankr

Click to go to the Fox 6 site and view the feature about hankr