Milwaukee: Bangin' burgers we can't stop thinking about

Milwaukee burger lovers, rejoice! This list has been carefully curated for you. Below we've listed some of the burgers we absolutely, positively, CANNOT stop thinking about.

Firecracker Guacamole Burger from Cafe at the Pfister

When we think of the Firecracker Guacamole Burger at Cafe at the Pfister, our Katy Perry senses start tingling, and we immediately start singing “Cause baby you’re a FIIIIIREWORK”, in our heads of course. Try this burger and we guarantee you’ll have the same reaction. This premium angus beef burger goes above and beyond when it comes to toppings. Stacked on top we’ve got an all-star lineup: guacamole, pepper-jack cheese, CHORIZO and deep-fried jalapenos… because you truly can have it all.

Distil Burger from Distil

Distil proves that heaven IS a place on earth with their signature burger. Their 100% dry-aged Hidden Creek Farm beef patty is masterfully topped with bourbon-onion jam, aged cheddar and aioli. Because everything’s better with aioli.

Classic Big Boy Burger from KIL@WAT

This double-decker burger is double-the-YUM. KIL@WAT serves the Classic Big Boy burger with crispy iceberg lettuce, big boy sauce and american cheese. The toppings are sandwiched between not two but THREE slices of perfectly toasted sesame bun.

Black Bean Burger from Mi-Keys

We know what you’re thinking… “A burger made of BEANS?” Hush, ye hankr’er, and trust us. The Black Bean Burger will make you forget about beef entirely with this chef recipe seasoned black bean patty, gooey melted swiss, Cholula mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a perfectly toasted bun. Mi-Keys, you’ve done it again.

Steakhouse Burger from Miller Time Pub & Grill

Miller Time Pub’s Steakhouse Burger is truly a thing of beauty. Their ground beef patty is topped with with rosemary mushrooms, house made steak sauce, onion crisps and pepper jack cheese. The onion crisps add the perfect amount of crunch and the steak sauce turns every bite into a 5-star steak house experience.

The Shiparski Burger from Rumpus Room

The Shiparski burger will go above and beyond your expectations, we promise. The Rumpus Room tops this burger with smoked bacon, Carr Valley Cheddar, caramelized onions, a fried egg, pickles and bbq sauce. These toppings work together to create an unforgettable explosion of flavors in your mouth with each bite. 

Mama A's Burger from Twisted Bistro

Twisted Bistro piles the Mama A’s Burger high with toppings! They top their ⅓ pound hand-pressed burger with bacon, root beer onions (yeah, we know), cheddar cheese, spring greens, tomato, pickles, and house made thousand island dressing. *Please excuse our drool*

Burger on the Hill from Story Hill BKC

10 dollars at Story Hill BKC will get you everything you need, and more. We're talking about the Burger on the Hill. Story Hill BKC grills their half-pound Niman Ranch patty to perfection, then tops it with Carr Valley One-Year Chaddar. The burger is served on a house made seeded bun with a hearty smear of jalapeno mayo, along with the usual suspects, lettuce, tomato and red onion. It’s a must try. Bible.

Mushroom, Bacon, Swiss Burger from Osgoods

Osgoods knows how to give the goods when it comes to burgers. They top their Mushroom, Bacon, Swiss Burger with crispy bacon, creamy swiss, some sautéed onions and A1 steak sauce. Last, but certainly not least, this burger dons one of my favorite burger accessories, the pretzel bun. (P.S. you can add an extra patty for just $2.50… score!)

Aloha Mr. Hand Burger from ABV Social

ABV Social has perfected the balance between spicy and sweet with their Aloha Mr. Hand Burger. This exceptionally juicy burger is topped with habanero sauce, grilled pineapple, avocado and ham and served on a sesame bun. Well, hello to you too.

There aren't enough heart emojis in the world to describe our love for the burgers listed above. And if you don't believe us, go check out what all of this hankr-hype is about yourself, you won't regret it.