hankr cures cravings

The whole idea that spurred our team into creating hankr was just that - hankering for some good food and wondering how to find the perfect dish that wouldn't disappoint. What is a hankering, you ask? And how do I cure it? Well, you’re in luck! We’re going back to basics and sharing the unique aspects of how hankr approaches food-finding.

Let’s start with the word itself. Merriam-Webster defines hanker as, “a strong and persistent desire for something.” And in our case, that desire is FOOD. 

Craving is synonymous with hankering and also accurately conveys the feeling we get when we see a dish we absolutely need. Oftentimes a food craving hits in the midst of stress, sadness, or anxiety. Take these situations for example -  you accidentally like an ex’s picture while fb stalking, you realize winter is coming, you find out that Brangelina is breaking up. You know, hard things. Emotions pool over, cravings commence and food is the only consoler. 

When hankerings like this hit and we have to find somewhere to eat, where do we go? Traditionally, we search the highest ranked restaurant in a particular category or check what restaurants are closest to us. This turns our “have to have” feeling into something a lot more logic and reason based. Thus reserving ourselves to delve into the nearest M&M McFlurry versus finding food that would truly satisfy.

Friends, we at hankr don’t think that’s good enough. We believe people deserve good food that completely satisfies and lives up to expectations! 

So hankr steps in and turns the discovery process on its head.

hankr solves the dining dilemma by bringing you true-to-life photos of restaurants’ delectable food and helps you confidently answer the question: “What are you in the mood to eat?”

My bff, Emma Stone, and I "hankr-ed it" the other night and she was super pumped about it. You should be too. Cure your next craving by getting hankr today!


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