hankr's Millennial Foodie-- Mary's take on Izumi's

Hey, Izumi’s, I like the way you roll. 

It can be hard to stand out in a city bursting with so many incredible sushi restaurants. I mean, can there really be that big of a difference between one restaurants take on the classic California Roll verses another’s? In this case, yes. Izumi’s, located on Prospect Avenue in the heart of Milwaukee’s East Side, has perfected the way they roll throughout the past 20 years. 

Izumi’s prides itself on serving fresh and authentic, yet approachable, Japanese cuisine to the first-time, perhaps shy, diner, as well as the sophisticated sushi connoisseur. Because, hey, everyone deserves a shot at love.

I like to start off a meal at Izumi’s with an order of the Shrimp and Veggie Tempura. The appetizer comes with three pieces of juicy shrimp fried to tempura-ed perfection, and assorted vegetables. This mouthwatering appetizer is especially great for sharing.

(PSA: If you do decide to share- trick your dining partner into eating all of the veggies while you sneak the shrimp. The tempura coating acts as a veil for ignorance. You had no idea the piece you happened to pick up would be shrimp. Just a thought.)

Whether you are a first time diner testing out the waters, or an expert on the subject of sushi and all things Japanese, I truly cannot stress enough the importance of trying the restaurant’s signature dish, Misozuke. Misozuke is broiled marinated black Cod, aka, the most tender, flakey, soft, succulent piece of black Cod you will ever put into your mouth. 

If I haven’t already convinced you to try Izumi’s for your next date night, the restaurant also hosts a killer lunch buffet Tuesday through Friday, from 11:30am-2pm for only 15 dollars! All you can eat! You’re welcome.