A Week’s Worth of Hidden Gem Meals in Madison

Whether eating out or cooking at home, we all have our go-to meals. The restaurant we always go-to by default, or the quick-and-easy dish we go-to in a pinch when we’re in our own kitchen. This post, though, is about digging deep into the menus of local Madison restaurants - with the help of hankr - to discover something new. Maybe you’ll even find a new go-to?

Monday: Turkey Sandwich from Jacs Dining and Taphouse

The turkey sandwich is the new PB&J of the American working lunch - it’s everywhere - so it’s nice to see when a restaurant does something a little different with it to break up the monotony. At Jacs on Monroe St, Chef Christian brings bright, fruity and tangy flavor to their slow-roasted turkey sandwich with the addition of fresh pear and cranberry aioli, and the toasted ciabatta roll (provided by the lovelies at Batch Bakehouse) beats your sliced sandwich bread in a landslide. 


Tuesday: Vegetable Platter at Bonfyre American Grille

If there’s a local restaurant in Madison serving a wider selection of American favorites than Bonfyre, we haven’t found it. Their menu is HUGE, and filled with great meat and seafood. Easy to overlook is the vegetable platter, which is actually as filling as it is colorful and as satisfying as any vegetarian meal we’ve had in a long time. 


Wednesday: Garden Hummus Wrap from The Brass Ring

The Brass Ring is many things: pool hall, beer bar, trivia night hot spot (every Wednesday). Perhaps unexpectedly, it’s also a fantastic place to eat real, good food. And while the Hereford beef burgers at The Ring are awesome (see: Bleu Garlic Burger), the garden hummus wrap is a bomb of fresh and crisp and olives and crunch and garlic and yumminess. Try it. You’ll like it. 


Thursday: Brisket Nachos at Double S BBQ

Blink and you’ll miss ‘em, because Shon Jones at Double S BBQ only puts out brisket nachos on Thursdays. It’s worth planning your week around, though, and the photo here speaks for itself. As you can see, there’s no skimping on the good stuff.


Friday: Chipotle Fish Tacos from North and South Seafood and Smokehouse

If we could buy a nine-pack of these tasty tacos, we would. Owners Keith and Erin do so many things well at North and South, and while the brisket and the pulled pork and the crab legs all demand attention, regulars know that their tray of chipotle fish tacos are one of the city’s best kept secrets. 


Saturday: Fall V Burger at Brasserie V

Brasserie V has built a cult following around their classic V Burger, served on signature sourdough toast. But every season means a special burger coming from the kitchen, too, and this umami-rich Fall V Burger with braised market mushrooms is the latest winner. We suggest ordering it with chips or greens - and then getting a side of frites to share with the table. And, order it soon! It's only available for a limited time. 


Sunday: Biscuits and Gravy from Rockhound Brewing Company

Rockhound Brewing Company owner Nate Warnke honors his well-crafted beer with well-crafted food. At brunch on Sundays, the kitchen serves a biscuit and gravy dish that defines comforting. Rockhound's donut burger gets every table talking, but it’s the housemade biscuits and rich sausage gravy that get people saying, “order your own, please”. And like any good brunch dish, this one will carry you through ’til Sunday dinner. 

Find YOUR favorites. Eat like an insider. 

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