Phones at the dinner table

These days, it's almost uncommon to see someone pass on an opportunity to take a picture of their food before digging in. Let's face it - with the continuous rise in social media's popularity, it's as easy as ever to get carried away in the digital world and lose focus on your surroundings. This week, we're rounding up some of the most interesting articles we read that deal with bringing your phones to the table. 


One Chef’s Ingenious Solution to Phones at the Table

Written by Monica Burton for Eater

How do you feel about phones at the table? One chef and restaurant owner was so moved after learning how many hours he spent digitally connected that he decided to take improving the digital health of his restaurant customers into his own hands. 

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Your Eyes Are Happier Than Your Stomach

Written by Pete Wells for The New York Times 

Have your eyes ever been more happy than your stomach? Meaning, have you ever found yourself drooling over a picture on your timeline, but come to find out it's looks are far more impressive than it tastes? Pete Wells of The New York Times explored this social media induced phenomenon back in 2014, and in a world where #foodbrags and #foodgoals are so prevalent, we find it still stands today.

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This Hot Pot Table Forces People to Turn Off Their Cell Phones

Written by Nick Rose for Munchies

IKEA rolled out a table that forces diners to choose between heating their food and tweeting. Which would you chose? 

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Enough with all of this food talk, let's eat!