That's not The Force you're feeling, you're just hungry

In honor of Star Wars Day, we've curated a list of the most hankr-able foods for our favorite Star Wars characters, past and present. In general, the real food of Star Wars has never really been that appealing (portion bread and Bantha milk, anyone?), so let's pretend for a minute that our heroes and villains could all sit around the same intergalactic hankr table and order anything they wanted. After all, we don't want to force anyone to eat something they won't like...

Character: Yoda
Food of Choice: Stew

Sohli bark is hard to find around these parts, so we'll supplement his typical rootleaf stew with some Khow Stew from the cheel in Thiensville, WI. It's a little known fact that Yoda was gluten intolerant. Thankfully, this filling dish fits the bill.


Character: Jabba the Hut
Food of Choice: Pizza

No one wants to sit by Jabba at the table. He's a messy eater, and always wants to grab food from everyone else's plates. We're just going to stick him a corner by himself with a 16" Cranky Pizza from Cranky Al's in Wauwatosa, WI and about a baker's dozen Salsiccia pizzas from Novanta in Madison and let him go to town.


Character: Obi Wan Kenobi
Food of Choice: Something light and healthy

Everyone knows that Obi Wan was a juicer. He'll take a Berry Berry Smoothie from Barriques, of course, and a Maize Salad from Alchemy (both restaurants are located in Madison) for a sufficient allowance of protein.


Character: Han Solo
Food of Choice: Steak

Han is no foodie - he's all eater. Steak, please, and no fuss. Frites? Well, twist his arm. This steak frites offering from Jacs Dining and Taphouse in Madison caught his eye. 


Character: Luke Skywalker
Food of Choice: Roasted chicken

Jedi lead high-cardio lives. Luke loves sushi (though he always fumbles with the chopsticks), but should really get plenty of lean protein to keep going. And since warm, meaty meals can be few and far between for him these days, he jumps at the chance to order the Smokehouse Chicken from The Thirsty Goat in Fitchburg, WI.


Character: Chewbacca
Food of Choice: Brownies

What does a wookie eat? Whatever he wants to eat! And because articles like this were made for puns, how about something, well, chewy? This caramel brownie from Dough Baby Bakery in Madison will hit the spot.


Character: Darth Vader
Food of Choice: Reuben Sandwiches

As a youngster, Anakin Skywalker despised rye bread. As an adult, like any good member of The Dark Side, he relishes in the act of denying himself joy and orders a reuben. Unfortunately for him, even a Dark Lord has to acknowledge the out of the ordinary tastiness of the Beet Reuben from Camino in Milwaukee. 

Well, there you have it! We've made our selections - what would you pick for characters we didn't cover? Find your picks on hankr, and post them in the comments!