You Knead to Read These Pizza Related Articles

Mining through mindless online articles is a *pizza* work. Because we know how important your time is, we're here to share the top stories we read this week that we think you'll find interesting. Each article follows one particular theme: pizza. 

"It's tough to turn down pizza, especially when it's free. But is a gratis hot slice of pepperoni worth compromising your friends' online privacy? According to almost every college student faced with such a scenario, the answer is yes. 

The power of pizza, it seems, knows no limit."

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"I don’t remember the wording of the Craigslist post advertising an open hostess position at Franny’s, the beloved Brooklyn pizzeria, whose owners recently announced that it will close for business later this month. But I can say for sure that I responded with an embarrassingly long and overreaching e-mail, professing my commitment to food, wine, hospitality, and “sustainable agriculture.” 
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"Pizza: A food so ubiquitous and so perfect that it inspires mathematicians, the mobstoners, and even the US military.
Not only is pizza already America's favorite comfort food, and the most photographed food on Instagram, but recent market research suggests that the grease wheel is only gaining more momentum."
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Now enough with all of this pizza talk... let's eat!