Articles we read this week: A chef's perspective

Do you ever find yourself trapped in a clickbait rabbit hole? You clicked on one article and an entire episodes worth of Game of Thrones later you realize you just spent an hour reading articles that somehow lead you to an article about a giant asteroid that's expected to hit Earth next week and cause mass devastation. Happens to us all the time. And while we're no stranger to the comment section on Tasty videos, sometimes time spent surfing the web pays off, and we learn interesting information we can't wait to pass along. 

Here are the most interesting articles we read this week that we'd like to pass along. Each article this week gives you a glimpse inside the thoughts and perspectives of professional chefs.

"You know the story. One quick pint at the pub turned into two, then someone bought a bottle of Jacob's Creek (payday was a long time ago, OK?), and before you knew it, it was 3 AM and you were drinking frozen margaritas and drunk-texting your ex that cat meme you both used to like. 
And now, just a few short hours later, the sunlight streaming in through your cheap IKEA curtains tells you on no uncertain terms that It Is The Morning. You have to get up. You've probably misplaced your phone and realise that you almost definitely said something regrettable to a co-worker. 
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"Andrew Zimmern, the host of "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" on the Travel Channel, is spending his new season traveling around the US searching for interesting foods to try. In this video, Zimmern shares his interesting perspective on the crowd-sourced review application Yelp."
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Enough with all of this food talk, lets eat.