Best articles we read this week: Let’s talk tacos

Do you ever find yourself trapped in a clickbait rabbit hole? You clicked on one article and an entire episodes worth of Game of Thrones later you realize you just spent an hour reading articles that somehow lead you to an article about a giant asteroid that's expected to hit Earth next week and cause mass devastation. Happens to us all the time. And while we're no stranger to the comment section on Tasty videos, sometimes time spent surfing the web pays off, and we learn interesting information we can't wait to pass along. 

Here are the most interesting articles we read this week that we'd like to pass along. Each article follows one particularly tasty theme: tacos. 

Day in the Life of a Milwaukee Taco Truck

Written by Georgia Pabst via Milwaukee Magazine 

"Morning to night, Bay View's Buena Vista churns out tasty Mexican dishes to lines of loyalists."
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The Case for Hard-Shell Tacos

Written by Sam Sifton via The New York Times

"A year or so ago, in a fit of hunger after a long day of working outside, I pulled in at a Mexican-themed restaurant near my home, and for no other reason than the fact that everyone else was doing so, made like the other mutts sitting at the bar watching sports and sucking down beers: I ordered three-no-make-it-four hard-shell tacos with picadillo, guac and sour cream, yellow cheese and shredded lettuce. I dolloped hot sauce on the sour cream, red rivulets running down the white, and ate, perfectly content. I ordered a fifth and felt proud I had finished it, just as I had in middle school, crushing taco day in the cafeteria.
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"'Our smart phones have 14 automobile emojis. So what does it mean in our modern world that there's only one taco emoji out there?'
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Now enough with all of this taco talk... let's eat!