Articles we read this week: Food tech news

Do you ever find yourself trapped in a clickbait rabbit hole? You clicked on one article and an entire episodes worth of Game of Thrones later you realize you just spent an hour reading articles that somehow lead you to an article about a giant asteroid that's expected to hit Earth next week and cause mass devastation. Happens to us all the time. And while we're no stranger to the comment section on Tasty videos, sometimes time spent surfing the web pays off, and we learn interesting information we can't wait to pass along. 

Here are a couple articles we read this week that we'd like to pass along. Each article this week delves into the ever evolving food tech industry. 

"For many people, online reviews are the first port of call when looking for a restaurant and hotel.
As such, they've become the lifeblood for many businesses — a permanent record of the quality of their services and products. And these businesses are constantly on the watch for unfair or fake reviews, planted by disgruntled rivals or angry customers.
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OpenTable Began a Revolution. Now It’s a Power Under Siege.

Written by Stephanie Strom via The New York Times

"Almost 20 years ago, a new company came on the scene promising to revolutionize the tedious and often frustrating chore of securing a restaurant reservation.
No more waiting on the phone and pleading with snooty receptionists. With just a few clicks of a mouse, a diner could secure a table at prime times in the hottest dining spots. Who you were or knew would no longer matter. Restaurants would benefit, too, handing off the job of juggling tables and recording reservations in a bulky book.
The company was called OpenTable, and, since its genesis in 1998, it has come to dominate the field it created. Today, it says it seats more than 23 million diners a month in 43,000 restaurants across the globe.
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Robots Cooked and Served My Dinner

Written by Jamie Fullerton via Munchies

 Image by Jamie Fullerton via Munchies

Image by Jamie Fullerton via Munchies

"In the Chinese city of Kunshan, a small army of robot cooks and waiters serve dumplings and fried rice to curious customers at Tian Waike Restaurant, and their owner eventually wants his robots to replace humans the world over."
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Enough with all of this food talk, lets eat.