hankr highlights: articles you need to read this week

We’re rounding up some of the best food related articles we read this week in hopes of delivering information we found interesting, while saving you some internet surfing time along the way. 

3-Michelin-Star French Restaurant Wants to Be Removed From the Dining Guide

Is the pressure that comes with running a 3-Michelin-Star restaurant in France worth the reward? For one chef, it's not, and in fact, the pressure is so overwhelming, chef Sébastien Bras has asked to be removed from the dining guide. 

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Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Food?

Eve Turow explains why she thinks a generation’s taste for natural ingredients will shape the future of restaurants, grocery stores, and agriculture in an interview with The Atlantic.

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How Restaurants Are Adapting to the Food Delivery Boom

While you can't deny the convenience and ease that comes with using a food delivery tool, such platforms are starting to cause ripple effects throughout the restaurant industry, with some restaurants even designing menus with deliverability as a top priority.

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