Articles you need to read this week: That's Amore!

We’re rounding up some of the best food related articles we read this week in hopes of delivering information we found interesting, while saving you some internet surfing time along the way. Each article this week will, undoubtedly, leave you craving Italian! 


A Sneak Peek of Eataly World, Italy's $106 Million Food Theme Park

Written  by Julia Buckley for Condè Nast Traveler

No, you're not dreaming. A food theme park is on it's way to the outskirts of Bologna, Italy. Condè Nast has the scoop on what to expect from FICO Early World. Regardless of whether or not you're headed to Bologna any time soon, we have a feeling you'll be craving Italian after checking it out.

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Climate Change Is Threatening Bologna’s Most Popular Pasta

Written by Donna Bowater for Munchies

Rising temperatures and droughts in Italy are effecting one restaurant's signature dish. Even more so, some are concerned climate change is starting to effect Bologna's rich biodiversity altogether.

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We Asked 7 Expats What Shocked Them Most About Food in Italy

Witten by Leon Benz, translated by Cristina Politano for Munchies

Hear from 7 Expats on what they found to be surprising about food in Italy. PSA: Don't order orange juice with your Margherita pizza. 


Enough with all of this food talk, let's eat! 
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