Articles you need to read this week: Restaurant's reviewed

Do you ever find yourself trapped in a clickbait rabbit hole? You clicked on one article and an entire episodes worth of Game of Thrones later you realize you just spent an hour reading articles that somehow lead you to an article about a giant asteroid that's expected to hit Earth next week and cause mass devastation. Happens to us all the time. And while we're no stranger to the comment section on Tasty videos, sometimes time spent surfing the web pays off, and we learn interesting information we can't wait to pass along. 

Here are a couple articles we read this week that we'd like to pass along. Each article this week dives into the opinionated world that is restaurant critiquing. 

Critical Condition - In the age of the influencer, do restaurant critics still matter?

Written by Karen Palmer via Tasting Table

"I recently rounded the corner in the kitchen of a posh Midtown restaurant—the sort where things are set aflame tableside and the golden light in the ladies’ room makes you feel like Charlize Theron in a Dior ad—and there they were.
Some of the photographs on the wall were of people I know by face, some I know only from the pages of their publications: a longtime city magazine critic, the 90-plus-year-old grand dame of restaurant criticism, even a remarkably grainy shot of The Gray Lady’s ever-elusive reviewer.
It’s one of those restaurant-world secrets that isn’t really a secret: Restaurants know how to spot critics. And it got me thinking: In this day and age, when best-burger lists are a dime a dozen and restaurants are built for Instagram, do restaurant critics really even matter anymore?" - Karen Palmer
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Restaurant Critics Are Terrible Dinner Dates

Written by Karon Liu via Munchies

"We ask one of Canada's most revered restaurant critics what he does on his day off, and whether eating out as a profession has ruined his social life." - Karon Liu
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