What does it mean to be "food first"?

The world doesn't necessarily need another restaurant-finding app. Or...does it? There's a reason we created hankr, a new, visual food-finding experience, and that reason is pretty simple: We believe in food.

We believe food can transcend a physical need and foster a deeper, emotional experience. We believe food can bring people together, create lasting memories, and make us happier.

Because of these beliefs, nothing is more frustrating than wasting time and money on food that fails to satisfy our expectations. Each of us has limited time to get away for lunch or a date, why risk so much?

Existing food finding resources take food’s multi-sensory and colorful experience and sadly diminish it to words on a screen, dots on a map and stars.

What if all we had was a written review of the Mona Lisa or a sunset over a lake in the Swiss Alps? Would you have the confidence to buy a plane ticket and take the time to travel to see either of these? If you did, would your expectations be met?

Why should we settle for that process when we want to find great food?

Seeing moves you emotionally.

Seeing makes your mouth water.

Seeing gives you confidence.

This is why we created hankr.

Food is art, emotion, beauty, sight, taste, smell and hunger wrapped up into one deep feeling.

We are committed to using great mouthwatering, true-to-life photos of delicious dishes prepared at restaurants near you to help you find, see and believe in the food that will satisfy your next hankering.

What do you hankr for?