Visual Menu Program Enrollment


The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is partnering with hankr to create a visual guide to the borough's best local eats. It's the easiest and most affordable way to start connecting with more customers that will love your food. 

Enroll your restaurant here:

If your restaurant has multiple locations, they are all covered by a single enrollment fee. If you own multiple restaurant concepts, each business will need to be enrolled separately.
Photoshoot Preferences *
Please select the days and times that we can use to book your 90-minute photoshoot with a hankr photographer. Select as many as options as you'd like.
Terms & Conditions *
By checking this box, I confirm my agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the program listed below.

By enrolling your restaurant in the visual menu program on ExploreBrooklyn.com with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and hankr, I agree to these terms:

I Agree To:

  • Allow hankr photographers to photograph my restaurant and food.
  • Prepare dishes to be photographed in way that to the best of my abilities reflects the actual size, portion, and plating of each dish.
  • Do everything possible to honor the appointments for photoshoots that I book with hankr.

Services Received
hankr will professionally photograph up to 10 items at my restaurant up to 4 times over the course of 12 months. hankr will document the names, descriptions, and attributes of each dish. hankr will also take photos of the interior and exterior of my restaurant, and document the name, description, and attributes of my restaurant. hankr will maintain and deliver all of this data to their partners for the purpose of promoting my restaurant. hankr may also use this data to promote my restaurant on other websites, including www.hankr.us, and in the hankr mobile app.

As a partner, I will receive access to tools that allow me to place a gallery of photos and dish information on my website, and tools that allow me to add a hankr logo or badge to my website that links visitors to my page on www.hankr.us.  

Photo and Data Rights
I understand that all photos and descriptions captured and maintained by hankr will be distributed to organizations that wish to promote my restaurant to their audience. I will not receive direct compensation from hankr or its partners for the use of this data.

Included in my registration fee is the rights to use photos taken by hankr in these specific scenarios only:

  • On my website
  • On my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
  • In emails sent by my restaurant to my customers and subscribers

Limitations and Liabilities:
I understand the following limitations and liabilities of my partnership with hankr:

  • I am responsible for communicating with hankr when I make changes to my menu or business operations, including by not limited to changes to hours, price, ingredients, or dish availability. hankr is not responsible nor liable for damages to my business of any kind - real or imagined - caused by my failure to alert hankr to changes to my menu or business operations.  

Last updated October 18, 2017