Frequently Asked Questions

We're new, so naturally, people ask us a lot of questions. Here are answers to some of the most common.

What is hankr?

In short, hankr exists to make every visitors experience in your destination more delicious. We provides services that:

  • generate organic web traffic for DMOs around the most universal vacation activity --- dining!

  • increase memberships from local, independent restaurants

  • save hundreds of hours of time for DMO teams

  • work with any website and database platform

What problems are you solving? 

Most DMO teams are asked to do a lot with a little. So we help them get better results in less time because time, after all, is their most valuable asset. Problems we focus on solving are things like:

Lost web traffic 
DMOs are losing organic traffic to Google ("We're all getting hammered" says one digital marketing manager at a prominent DMO on the East Coast) and are struggling to find ways to get it back without paying for it through digital and traditional advertising. We give them a way.

Lack of time 
Dining content has huge potential to generate traffic in local markets, but lean DMO teams don't have the time or budget to produce content that differentiates their website from other local resources - especially for visitors that are in-market and making decisions about where to eat right now (which, according to Google, is about 85% of visitors). So we do it for them.

Low partnership enrollment
Restaurants are incredibly tight-margin and demanding, and restaurant owners loathe to spend money on things that they don't feel will provide clear, tangible value. In many cases, too many independent restaurants aren't able to see the return on traditional, basic DMO web listings. We make the value proposition clear and compelling.

Who is hankr?

We're a company based in Milwaukee, WI, formed by four individuals with extensive experience in tourism marketing and digital development. We launched our own guide to local restaurants in January 2016 ( and apps for iOS and Android), and began developing content partnerships with destinations in June 2017. One of our founders, John Kuehl, was the director for and saw firsthand the difficulty local DMOs had producing content that consumers valued and that benefited restaurants, and decided to do something about it.

Who does hankr work with?

In the tourism industry, we currently partner with, Visit Eau Claire (WI), the Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce (WI), the Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau (WI), and the Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce (WI).