Make every visit to downtown Madison more memorable.

More people than ever are looking for unique local experiences, especially when it comes to where they eat and shop. State Street, the Capitol Square, and King Street together offer all the great elements of a one-of-a-kind urban destination for locals that live outside downtown, and for travelers visiting Madison for work or for play.

The Opportunity

According to data from Google, 85% of travelers don't decide exactly what they'll see and do until they've arrived in their destination. They need resources on-the-go that can help them find what they want and decide with confidence. 

The Solution

By partnering with hankr, destinations can easily provide visitors a visually stunning, incredibly useful, and mobile resource that guides them to the places they'd most like to shop and eat while they're in town.


Our Shared Goals

  • Increase website engagement, social sharing, and referrals to your stakeholder businesses

  • Increase visitor satisfaction

  • Further enhance downtown Madison's reputation as a diverse culinary and retail destination


The hankr Destination Marketing Platform

Made for Lean Teams

We do almost all the work to create a visual guide to central Madison's best local food and shops. We provide the platform, we take the photos, we maintain the information---it's never been this easy to have a marketing asset this powerful.

Clear ROI

Because the entire experience is online, we can deliver all the key metrics and insights you need to determine the impact. How many visitors used it? Where were they when they used it? What did they discover? You'll have the answers. 

Let's Get Visual

For as long as you're a subscriber to the hankr platform, you'll have access to a complete library of visual assets to use in all your other marketing materials.  

A Virtual Concierge

Your visual content can go everywhere, from a touchscreen kiosk on the Square to a website that's mobile-optimized and in the hands of every one of your visitors.   


Case Study: Visit Eau Claire


To build on their destination's "Midwest Indie" brand, Visit Eau Claire wanted to show visitors that their local food options are as good as the music scene. They partnered with hankr to create the Taste of Eau Claire microsite to give visitors an immersive, inspiring, and useful way to see and discover the perfect meal.

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Proud to Partner With Great Destinations



Hi, I'm John.

I'm a Madison area native and resident, and the founder of hankr.

My idea for hankr started with giving travelers a more visual way to find food they love at local restaurants, and came from my experience as a director for and as a hobbyist food photographer.

I'm passionate about supporting local businesses, and have found that a great way to do that is to help the organizations that share that mission!

Today, hankr helps diners in eight cities explore nearly 5,000 dishes from more than 400 restaurants, and we're proud to be working with destination marketing teams to begin helping support retail shops, lodging establishments, and beyond through the power of visual search.