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About hankr

hankr was originally founded by three business partners - John Kuehl, Dan Early and Mark Roller - that came together around common passions for food, technology, and finding simple solutions to everyday problems (like, deciding where to eat). The hankr website and app debuted in January 2016 and now features over 200 restaurants and 1,200 dishes in Milwaukee and Madison, WI, and Denver, CO, and has been used over 65,000 times (and counting) to help people find a great meal that fits their mood.

In May 2017, hankr introduced the first content platform for comprehensive, visual information about local food that any other business can use to provide better dining resources for their audience. 

For media inquiries, please contact:

John Kuehl
Founder and CEO
608-206-6967 (cell)

High-Resolution App Images 

The images show the main screens in the hankr app - the home screen, the menu item detail screen, and the restaurant detail screen - as well as other features of the app. Click on any image to view and download the high-resolution version.

High-Resolution Food Images

Each of these images were taken by the hankr team and feature true-to-life representations of what customers would be served were they to order any of these items at the respective restaurant. Click on any image to view and download a high-resolution version.

Video B-Roll

Click the image below to download an .mp4 file with 2:17 of HD b-roll footage (196 Mb).

hankr logo

You can right-click the image below and choose, "Save Image As..." or "Save Target As..." to save a copy.