Make every layover more delicious.

At hankr, our mission is to make the search for the perfect meal the mouthwatering, visual experience it should be - wherever people may be looking. That’s why we appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about improving the concessions information you provide to guests at MSP Airport.

Through our work with organizations in the food delivery, tourism, and athletics, we’ve shown that food-first, visual search from hankr increases capture rate, increases web traffic, and makes finding the perfect meal easier than ever.


Food first.


hankr's turn-key platform makes it easy for you to give guests a comprehensive visual menu of all the best food nearby in a device they’re already holding in their hands.

When people see what they can buy, they buy more. Don’t believe us? Click the button below to experience it for yourself and see how quickly you start feeling hungry.


The hankr impact

We partnered with a national restaurant delivery company to make their experience more visual for customers, and orders increased 16% on pages featuring hankr photography. For tourism destination partners across Wisconsin, we’ve doubled their dining traffic. And has been used over 250,000 times to find the perfect meal in a dozen cities across the country.


"This makes me so hungry!"

This all started with, and our users have told us how much better it is for discovering great meals when they know exactly what they want, or have no idea what they want until they see it.

We’re always learning more about how people look for food, and using that insight to further improve the experience for your guests.


It's all covered.
And it’s so easy.

The hankr platform provides everything you need through a turn-key subscription-based service: the photos and data, the mobile-optimized, responsive, and visual user interface, and the cloud content delivery network that brings it all together.

  • Thousands of professional photos that can be used for any purpose

  • A food-first guide that integrates right into your existing website

  • A marketable, buzzworthy resource to promote to guests

  • Access to usage data and analytics

Current hankr platform subscribers



Visual food search experts

The hankr team has over 70 years combined experience in destination marketing, digital innovation, and enterprise data strategy. We've moved the needle for brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, Harley-Davidson, Great Wolf Resorts, Universal Studios, and the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, and now we're changing the way people search for food, one delicious dish at a time.


Let’s eat.


We’re excited to work together to help your guests discover delicious food, see exactly where it's served in MSP, and make every visit to your facility more delicious!