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Sunday's Burgers and Brew Pairings

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Looking for photos of Saturday's burgers? Find them all here!

1) Charlie's on Main's Porky's Revenge

Pairing: Alt Brew's Hollywood Nights Blonde IPA

About the burger: Fox Heritage Farms ground pork burger with SuperCharge! pea shoots, maple chili aioli, and Roth Grand Cru cheese, on a gluten-free bun.


Charlie's on Main's Just Beet It

Pairing: Alt Brew's Rustic Badger Farmhouse Ale

About the burger: Beet and walnut patty with SuperCharge! Pea shoots, maple chili aioli, and Roth Grand Cru cheese, on a gluten-free bun.

2) The Great Dane's Little Southern Cows on the Prairie 

Pairing: The Great Dane's Belgian Prairie

About the burger: A grass-fed burger and smoked pork from Twisted Oak Farms with Roth Prairie Sunset pimento cheese, sweet red onion, and beer jam on a Great Dane pretzel roll.

3) Lombardino's The Local Legend

Pairing: Karben 4's Fantasy Factory, Dragon Flute and Lady Luck

About the burger: Pinn-Oak Ridge lamb burger, crowned with a smoked Nueske’s bacon aioli, Roth Grand Cru cheese, gently fried quail egg, lettuce, and onion on a Clasen’s bun.


4) Fresco's Chupacabra Burger

Pairing: 3 Sheeps Happy Summer IPA

About the burger: Painted Rock Farms goat chorizo patty with Capri Fromage Blanc goat cheese and a lime ramp slaw.


Fresco's For the Sheep-'ish' Burger

Pairing: 3 Sheeps Rebel Kent the First Belgian Style Amber Ale

About the burger: Spiced pinto bean and peanut burger, Landmark Creamery Anabasque sheep cheese, and a lime ramp slaw.

5) The Madison Club's Space Cat

Pairing: Hinterland's Cherry Wheat

About the burger: Jefferson Township dry-aged beef, Roth Petite Swiss, Hopped Door County Cherry Ketchup, and crispy Vitruvian Farms baby kale on a Stalzy’s fried sourdough bun.

6) Merchant's Black Garlic Ginger Burger

Pairing: MobCraft's Helles Ginger Bock

About the burger: Valley View Farms beef burger, with Elderberry Hill Farm grilled tatsoi, black garlic marscapone, and pickled ginger.

7) Mezze's Lebanese Slider

Pairing: Brenner's Sound Check Stout

About the burger: Sylvan Meadows lamb, cherries, havarti, garlic yogurt, and Elderberry Hill Farm arugula on a grilled pita.

Mezze's Felafel Slider

Pairing: Brenner's Butterfly Farts Saison

About the burger: Chickpeas, spices, flour, Elderberry Hill Farms herbs and arugula with garlic yogurt on a grilled pita.


8) Mid Town Pub's Border Burger

Pairing: Capital Brewery's Grateful IPA 

About the burger: Grass Run Farms grass-fed beef burger topped with dill pickled jalapenos, market fresh pico de gallo, and Roth 3 Chili Pepper Gouda with house-made chipotle aioli on a pretzel roll bun.


9) The Rigby's Bacon, Mac 'n Cheeseburger

Pairing: Sprecher's Dopple Bock

About the burger: Jefferson Township heritage burger, Roth Grand Cru cheese, Sprecher beer, Jones Farm bacon, RP’s pasta “mac ‘n cheese,” locally grown mixed greens, and creamy buffalo sauce on a Madison Sourdough bun.

The Rigby's Fiesta Black Bean Burger

Pairing: Sprecher's IPA2 Double India Pale Ale

About the burger: Sprecher-steeped black bean burger with Roth 3 Chile Pepper Gouda cheese, avocado aioli, and locally grown mixed greens and tomatoes on a Madison Sourdough bun.

10) Salvatore's Tomato Pies' The Paul Westerburger

Pairing: Next Door Brewing's The Luminous IPA

About the burger: Kettle Range Meats beef with Fox Heritage Farms bacon and a strawberry jam made from Emerald Meadows farm strawberries and Savory Accents spicy honey, YumButter peanut butter, shishito peppers, and Sartori Mont Amore on a Stalzy’s butter bun.

11) Wendigo's Grootslang

Pairing: Central Waters' Summarillo India Pale Lager

About the burger: Ground brisket and Boerewors (South African sausage) patty with Roth Havarti, red onion confit, Parisi Family Farm marinated radishes, Parisi Family Farm spinach, and piri piri mayo.

12) The Weary Traveler's Brie'Barb'ula

Pairing: Potosi's Flemish Red Kettle sour and Snake Hollow IPA

About the burger: Underground Butcher beef patty with rhubarb compote, brie, and Vitruvian Farms arugula on a house-made brioche roll.


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