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Saturday's Burgers and Brew Pairings

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1) Alchemy Cafe's Bacon Blue Burger

Pairing: Lakefront Brewery's Growing Power Organic Farmhouse Pale Ale

About the burger: Grass-fed beef and bacon patty, Carr Valley Glacier gorgonzola, red wine reduction, Vitruvian Farms arugula, crisp fried shallots, with tarragon aioli on a Batch Bakehouse cinnamon-currant roll.

2) Banzo's Mo-Rockin’ Lamb Burger 

Pairing: Sand Creek Brewing Company's Wild Ride IPA

About the burger: Merguez Pinn Oak Ridge Farm lamb patty, caramelized shallots, harissa aioli, and pickled carrots on a Madison Sourdough hand-rolled bun.

3) Brasserie V's Spring Burger

Pairing: Tyranena Brewing's Headless Man Amber Alt

About the burger: Lamb and Highland Springs Farm beef burger with mint and olive oil, whipped Hidden Springs Creamery feta, red onion jam, and Elderberry Farm baby arugula on a brioche bun.


4) CIRC's La Hamburgesa

Pairing: Octopi/Third Sign's Jungle IPA

About the burger: Cates Family Farm ground beef, Roth 3 Chile Pepper Gouda cheese, and nopales cabbage slaw with charred tomato salsa.

5) Layla's The Chosen One Burger

Pairing: One Barrel Brewing's Penguin Pale Ale and Commuter Kolsch

About the burger: Underground  beef and Jordandal Farms chopped liver patty topped with beet horseradish mustard and local greens from the Dane County Farmers' Market on a challah bread bun from Stella's Bakery. 

6) Cow & Quince's All "Ramp-ched" Up

Pairing: New Glarus Brewing Co.'s Moon Man and Two Women

About the burger: Sulzer Farms beef, ramp ranch, green garlic pickled shitake mushrooms, arugula, and Roth Grand Cru cheese on a Batch Bakehouse roll.

7) Fit Fresh Cuisine's What's Your Jam Burger

Pairing: Pearl Street Brewery's Linalool IPA and Dankenstein 

About the burger: Beef burger, local raspberries and jalapenos from the Dane County Farmers’ Market, Keeywadin Farm greens, and Roth Buttermilk Blue on a Batch Bakehouse bun.


8) Gates and Brovi's The Mightier Brickhouse Burger

Pairing: Wisconsin Brewing Company's Nectarine Pale Ale

About the burger: Freiburg Farms beef, Roth Buttermilk Blue cheese, giardiniera, Garden to Be pea shoots, G&B special sauce and G&B zip sauce.


9) Metcalfe's Market's The Strasburger

Pairing: Capital Brewery's Pear Kolsch

About the burger: Wisconsin Meadows ground beef topped with Nueske’s applewood smoked ham, Roth Grand Cru cheese, caramelized pears and onions, house made whole grain beer mustard (featuring Capital Brewery’s Wisconsin Amber) on a Clasen’s pretzel roll.

10) Monty's Blue Plate Diner's Chipotle Havarti Burger

Pairing: Rush River Brewing Co.'s Scenic Pale Ale 

About the burger: Beef patty with tomatoes, spinach, caramelized onions, and Roth Chipotle Havarti on a sesame seed bun.


Monty's Blue Plate Diner's Chipotle Havarti Walnut Burger

Pairing: Rush River Brewing Co.'s Unforgiven Amber

About the burger: Walnut patty with tomatoes, spinach, caramelized onions, and Roth Chipotle Havarti on a sesame seed bun.

11) The Vintage's The High on the Hog Burger

The Vintage's Toy Boat Toy Boat, Jinja Ninja and Bee's Knees

About the burger: 50% pork/50% beef burger blended with an assortment of peppers, topped with Clock Shadow Creamery Quark cheese, thick-sliced house-cured bacon on a brioche slider roll. Served with broccoli apple slaw.

12) Willy Street Co-Op's Tongue-In-Cheek Burger

Pairing: Grumpy Troll Brew Pub's Maibock and Saison

About the burger: Wisconsin Meadows beef and beef tongue with Willow Creek smoked pork jowl topped with Hidden Springs Creamery Driftless Sheep’s Milk Cheese, Harmony Valley ramp pesto, on a Madison Sourdough Kaiser roll.

Willy Street Co-Op's The Gentle Lentil Burger

Pairing: Grumpy Troll Brew Pub's Norski Nut Brown

About the burger: Organic lentils, Schickert's portabella mushrooms, Simple Soyman tofu topped, and Chalet Cheese Co-op Baby Swiss on a Madison Sourdough roll.

Bloom Bake Shop's Fudge Bar with Sassy Cow Ice Cream

Pairing: Furthermore's Black Cloud and Fatty Boombalatty


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