Make every gameday more delicious.

When it comes to creating a great gameday experience for Badger fans, you know the bar of expectations is always being raised - by you, and by them.

Food is an integral part of that experience, and year after year, the expectations are on you to develop more concessions options and to make sure fans know about them. 

hankr has worked with UW Athletics and Levy to outline a solution that addresses three core goals related to your guests' concessions experience.


Current Goals

Increase awareness and satisfaction of the concessions options inside the Kohl Center.

Improve the Kohl Center's reputation as an event day dining destination.

Deliver greater value to fans using the Badger Gameday app to enhance their experience. 


What's the problem?

Ever seen a McDonald's ad that doesn't show food? Visual marketing is proven to drive behavior for restaurants, but all existing concessions resources for fans - even for some of the newest venues - are all about places, and are mostly words.

It's nearly impossible to discover what's new and different without literally walking around the arena.
For most fans, that's not an option. 


Our solution? Food first.


See pulled pork.
Sell pulled pork.

hankr's turn-key platform for visual, food-first search makes it easy for fans to find something they crave, and easy for you to reach fans in a compelling, motivating way. When people see what they can buy, they buy more. 


"This makes me so hungry!"

hankr's visual, food-first website and app have been used over 150,000 times to find food from local restaurants, and our users have told us how much better it is for discovering great meals.

This same platform is now available to dining destinations, districts, and venues.

  The hankr website, pictured here, has been used over 150,000 times by people looking for the perfect meal at local restaurants. 

The hankr website, pictured here, has been used over 150,000 times by people looking for the perfect meal at local restaurants. 


Be the first to go food first.

Help fans discover delicious food, and see exactly where it's served in the Kohl Center. Let them share favorite items with friends. Bring them in early, and send them home satisfied.


It's all covered

The hankr platform provides everything you need through a turn-key subscription-based service: the photos and data, the mobile-optimized, responsive, and visual user interface, and the cloud content delivery network that brings it all together.

  • Professional photos of up to 40 concessions items that can be used for any purpose
  • A food-first guide that plugs right into your Badger Gameday app, and can be paired with
  • A marketable, buzzworthy asset to share with fans and media
  • Thousands of satisfied fans
  • Access to usage data and analytics
  • Admin tools for easy opened/closed status updates

Current hankr platform subscribers



We are visual food content experts.

Founded in Madison by a proud Badger, John Kuehl, the hankr team has over 70 years combined experience in destination marketing, digital innovation, and enterprise data strategy. We've moved the needle for brands like Sub-Zero, Wolf, Harley-Davidson, Great Wolf Resorts, and, and we're changing the way people search for food, one delicious dish at a time.


Your Proposal


We’re excited to work together to help your fans discover delicious food, see exactly where it's served in the Kohl Center, and make every concessions experience a win!