You can make every visit to Austin more delicious.

More travelers than ever are looking to experience destinations like locals do, especially when it comes to where they eat. The facts are that 75% of travelers say food is an important part of their vacation experience, and almost 90% of visitors don’t decide where they’ll eat until they’re in their destination (Source: Google’s “Travel Micro-Moments Guide”).

Yet while they’d never settle for booking accommodations without first seeing real, quality photos of every corner of a place, getting access to similar information about food at local restaurants before they decide where to eat is next to impossible.

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hankr's visual menus, like the one above, can be added to a restaurant profile in less than five minutes. 


Drive engagement - and satisfaction

The question for visitors isn't, "Any good restaurants in Austin?" Instead, it's "Which is the best one for me?" hankr makes it easy for you to always have consistent, comprehensive, and visual information about your member restaurants and their food, which makes it easier than ever for every visitor to eat like an insider and find exactly the meal they crave. 

Through our partnership, you can:

  • Increase organic website traffic, social sharing, and referrals to your member restaurants

  • Increase visitor satisfaction

  • Efficiently fuel your content marketing programs

  • Further enhance Austin's reputation as an innovative, authentic culinary destination


Our promise? This will be easy.

All the content you need...

We share the mission to provide visitors with accurate, comprehensive information about the best local food. You'll have professional photos, descriptions, and other details on the best dishes from every partner restaurant.

...none of the effort.

Your hankr team collects and maintains all the content for you, and we make it easy to put it to use, too. With three integration options and professional support included in your subscription, you'll deliver what your visitors need, effortlessly.


How to add hankr to your site

There are three ways to infuse hankr into your website, and they're all included in your subscription.

Visual Menu Embeds

Copy and paste our simple embed code to instantly add an inspiring visual menu to any restaurant profile. Implementation services from hankr are available at no cost, too, saving you even more time. 

Branded Microsite

Complement your existing restaurant directory with a ready-made food-first online dining guide. It's branded for your destination, and no development is required from your team.

Custom Integration

Got a vision for how to use your new content in new ways? You can build it! Our API allows for complete customization so everything is seamless and just exactly how you want it.   


Integration examples

These comps illustrate how content could appear on your listing or article pages with our ready-to-use, responsive embeds with no coding required. Other embed options could be made available based on your specific needs. And with our API, you can do even more to make your site THE destination for trustworthy, delicious food content in Austin.

  Article Page  - Click to view a larger version

Article Page - Click to view a larger version

  Listing page  - Click to view a larger version

Listing page - Click to view a larger version


Embed example

Our visual menu embed gives visitors an easy way to explore food at a particular restaurant, or based on a particular cuisine, mood, or ingredient. We've designed it to be responsive and to work well in all kinds of page layouts, and it can be put into place in minutes with no coding required. 

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We want to be your food content team.

Having the best, most visual food-finding experience for your visitors has never been this easy. As a content subscription service, our pricing is based on the volume of restaurants you need covered. For each restaurant you identify, we provide photos, descriptions, prices, and tons of metadata about 5-10 current and available dishes, as well as details and interior/exterior photos of the restaurant.