Make every visit more delicious.

More people than ever rank eating local food as an important part of their vacation experience. And with so many great restaurants in Raleigh, the question isn't, "Any good restaurants around here?" Instead, it's "What am I in the mood to eat?"

The Problem: All places, all words

Restaurant listings are a commodity, and they're built backwards. Every online guide to restaurants - your site included - puts the place first, not the food, and they're mostly words. 

The Solution: Food first

hankr powers a stunning, food-first search experience on your website that connects visitors with exactly the meal they crave and sets you apart from every other online resource.


Deliver incredible value with incredibly little effort.

hankr helps Visit Raleigh deliver incredible value to visitors and local restaurants, enhancing your reputation as an innovative, forward-thinking organization that makes a serious impact on the local economy. 

Your partnership with hankr will: 

  • Increase website engagement, social sharing, and referrals to your stakeholder businesses

  • Increase visitor satisfaction

  • Further enhance your reputation as a top culinary destination


The hankr Content Platform

Food First Restaurant Search

With our API and integrated content tools, your standard restaurant listings are transformed to a visual marketing asset that adds thousands of SEO-friendly pages to your site --- without requiring any ongoing content management from your team. 

Fully Integrated Content Library

Your content can go everywhere, from your website, to your apps, to a kiosk in a visitors center, and it can all come from your existing CRM. Create once, publish everywhere, and never worry about duplicate data entry. 

A Photo for Every Story

For as long as you're a subscriber to the hankr platform, you'll have access to a complete library of visual assets to use in all your other marketing materials.  

A Clear ROI

Because the entire experience is online, you'll have all the key metrics and insights you need to determine the impact of your new content.

A "Godsend" for Visitors

Finally, every visitor can feel like an insider, with no more time wasted feeling lost, unsure, or overwhelmed about where to find the perfect meal.


We're excited to be your partner.

Download the "Why food first?" presentation (PDF)