What is hankr?

The restaurant world has never been more competitive than it is today, and thanks in large part to review sites, consumer expectations for perfection have never been higher (maybe unrealistically high, if you ask us). But lost in all the hype is that there's still no resource that truly meets a consumer's basic need to decide where to eat right now, and to enjoy a great meal without guesswork or doubt. We all know the feeling of not being able to decide what we're in the mood to eat, or of ordering a dish only to regret it once the item is actually delivered to our table because it wasn't what we expected. That's where hankr comes in.

Our visual guide (available as a free app for Apple and Android, and on the web at hankr.us) does something no other restaurant guide does: it shows people hundreds of real, true-to-life photos of the best food near them so they can first find what looks good without having to know all about where they could go. It's just like shopping for everything else we buy every day! See the product before you buy it. Brilliant!

Is hankr a delivery service?

No. hankr doesn't do delivery, and we don't offer reviews or coupons, either. We have a simple mission: show people the best food around so they can find a great local place to eat. Through our free app for Apple and Android, and through the hankr.us website, we connect people with exactly the meal they crave by showing them real, true-to-life photos of the best dishes from local, independent restaurants near them - restaurants they might not otherwise have known about. In an instant, diners can satisfy their cravings and answer the age-old question, "What are you in the mood to eat?"

How much does it cost for a restaurant to be included?

If you've been invited to join hankr, it means you have some of the very best food in your town, and there's no cost to featuring up to 10 items from your menu. We'll professionally photograph your food or drinks, and there's no cost for that, either. Because you're a local restaurant that serves great food, we want to make sure more people - residents and visitors alike - can see your food when they're looking for a place to eat. 

It really doesn't cost anything? 

That's right! There's no cost to feature up to 10 items from your menu, and there's no cost to have a hankr photographer visit as often as once per quarter to photograph new items. And there's no catch! The only situations that would require you to pay a fee to hankr are:

  • If you want to feature more than 10 items
  • If you want to photograph more than 10 items, or need photography services more than once per quarter
  • If you want to buy full copyrights to the photos we take of your food to use for other marketing purposes

What kinds of restaurants can be featured in hankr? 

We believe in the importance of local, independent restaurants and bars and what they bring to our communities, which is why we only feature those places in hankr. At this time, we do not feature any franchised restaurants or bars in our guide. We want to support the small business owners that are making life in their towns more delicious, and giving people unique places to gather and eat with the people they care about. 

How do I keep my information in hankr up-to-date?

We know you have enough things to worry about just running your restaurant, so we take care of all the information about your restaurant and food for you. If you make a menu change, just a quick email to us is all it takes to get the change made in hankr, too. 

How do I get my restaurant listed?

If you were invited to be featured in hankr, the first step is to schedule a photoshoot with one of our professional photographers. On the photoshoot day, you'll prepare up to 10 dishes and our photographer will capture great images of each item. From there, we do the rest of the work and within a few days you'll be featured in the best guide to the best local food. It's that easy!

Who uses hankr?

Since we first introduced hankr for Milwaukee and Madison in 2016, our app and website have been used over 120,000 times by people looking for a great local meal. Adults of all ages use it, with people age 25-34 and 45-54 using it especially often. hankr features restaurants at all different price points, and people use it to find everything from a great bakery to the fanciest steak or seafood.

Have any other questions? Contact our team by email.